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Discussion on the future of cardano

New member here, I believe in both the technology and vision of IOHK and associates, their approach is to build an entire system from scratch that could deliver on all of the visions of defi and the promises of gens 1 and 2 of block chains cryptos. Here is the pie of it though. Cardano has a high coin supply as a hedge against inflation, which I get. They are trying to get into the african market as a launchpad for the rest of the world to see the superiority of their tech I understand. How is cardano going to hedge against upcoming regulations which will be critical of it like bitcoin as a way to launder illicitly gained money through. They can easily clean their money buying coins and liquidating them Im talking warlords, criminals etc. Secondly in order for defi to be successful in any measure in the developing world there needs to be stable connectivity via internet or mobile cellular, how is cardano going to work with the limited capacities of nations to provide that? Maybe I havent understood the concepts enough forgive me, but I just would like some input on how these solutions could be tackled with what we understand now.
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