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Discussing the speed of Cardano

Why do people think that Cardano is faster than Ethereum? OK can we please have a technical discussion regarding the scalability of Cardano? Instead of the regular super highly upvoted moontalk (I know this thread will probably be downvoted to oblivion). Cardano currently only handles 7 transactions per second on-chain. Ethereum currently handles 12-15 transactions per second on-chain. By tweaking some parameters in the future Cardano could potentially scale to 50 transactions per second on-chain which obviously still isn't enough for real world adoption. Cardano will scale off-chain with layer 2 solutions (Hydra). But they are awfully behind their competition in developing layer 2 support. Don't take my word for it, even Cardano devs on their own subreddit admit all this. See here: [\_cardano\_ada\_runs\_at\_seven\_7\_transactions\_per/]( And here: [\_ELI5/comments/la7ptu/how\_many\_transactions\_per\_second\_tps\_can\_cardano/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=ios\_app&utm\_name=iossmf]( So why do so many people think that Cardano is faster than Ethereum? Also, I made this same post intended to discuss the scalability of Cardano two days ago. It quickly rose into the top 50 posts until a bot deleted it from the frontpage stating "there are already 2 posts about this coin in the top 50". But guess what, there are always 2 non-critical moonboy posts about Cardano in the top 50. So it's very unfortunate that technical discussions about this coin have no place on [r/CryptoCurrency]( I will therefore keep posting this daily, until the day a bot doesn't delete it. Edit: Since this t...
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Cardano Developed World Use Cases

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Key Points from Interview with IOHK CTO

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