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DID's, ION, and Prism

Lately I have been increasingly interested in Prism. Charles has recently touted it as a contender against Microsoft's DID implementation test deployed on Bitcoin - ION. Interestingly Microsoft says, "Currently, we're developing support for the following ledgers: Bitcoin, Ethereum (via uPort), and Sovrin Our intention is to be chain agnostic, enabling users to choose a DID variant that runs on their preferred ledger." (,registers%20DIDs%20on%20Bitcoin's%20testnet.) I did some digging through the various AMA's that Charles did where he mentioned prism to find out what has been said, thanks to ADAtainment. Anyone else looking to update themselves can find the timestamped videos at the following link: ( I would love to see some comparative analysis between the two. Of course we will have to wait until the presentation at the summit to find out information. Can't wait!
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