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Delegation as a Service

We keep hearing a lot about stake pool operating as a service, where people will set yours up for you/maintain it, etc. Chris Graff is one the people doing that already. But what about delegation as a service? What about signing a smart contract, committing your delegation to a company/private entity in exchange for goods/services.... i.e. "I'll delegate 50,000 ADA to your pool for 10 epochs, in exchange for my car repair". I know it sounds kinda silly but if you think about it why wouldn't a company do that for its customers... They could make the same amount maybe even more, and the customer isn't losing anything, and the customer is still reaping staking rewards from it... Basically paying yourself and your business of choice, for them to do something for you lol "Ok that'll be $300.50, or 40,000 delegation for 13 epochs" :P
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