December update: AGIX on Cardano - ERC-20 Converter testnet live - AGIX (NTX) airdrop 2022

self.cardano8m ago
Hi guys, An update for SingularityNET holders, Cardano enthusiasts, and those who are interested in joining. Some further good news for AGIX this December: Its ERC-20 converter test-net is now live and operable. This is cool news, and as usual with Cardano partners - impressive technology. Although it probably won't get too much use in these crazy market conditions. []( Also Airdrop for AGIX holders - NTX tokens incoming. snapshot of wallet addresses on Jan 5th - 2022. ​ Hosting the AI data marketplace of the Cardano ecosystem is a monumental task. Airdrop potentials in these massive future-looking projects are so dope to me. ADA is a behemoth - and this is how it will interact with AI - through AGIX and its accompanying system of tokens like SDAO and NuNet (NTX). Hope all the Cardanians, and everyone else a very excellent end of the year and Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, and Winter Solstice to all of you.