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Dear Cardano Foundation: It's time to step up

The Cardano Foundation has 5 missions on their website: * Driving adoption of Cardano * Shaping legislation and commercial standards * Growing the global Cardano community * Facilitating partnerships * Ensuring stakeholder accountability Of these missions, I would like to congratulate them on the success of hitting 100k community size. Moderators of the Cardano forums, facilitators who have created meetups, and blog editors: to you all I say well done. As for all other missions, I believe that the Cardano Foundation has not been successful. As a member since 2017, I can say that CF's position has been understandably difficult. Pre-Shelley, there wasn't much of a product to provide oversight for, nor can you create partnerships when the product is in infancy. Well, now we're (hopefully please God) months away from one of the biggest landmarks that this platform has been designed for: the incorporation of the computational layer ontop of the settlement layer, putting us on equal (if not better) footing with the frontrunners of the industry. Since we now actually have a product to market and a platform that can create meaningful partnerships, it is time to expect some level of progress from your missions of adoption and partnerships. ​ Some meaningful and identifiable examples of success: \- partnership with banks, allowing for quick and easy transfer from fiat/stablecoin to ADA, allowing ADA holders to convert ADA to fiat to use credit cards in country legacy systems. I know you have no power over what coinbase does or doesn't do, but there has to be a way to help exchanges like kraken streamline the process. ​ Edit: For those of you saying be patient. I am and have been. I've literally only ever bought ADA for 3 years. I've never sold. I've been enthusiastic about Cardano, but the CF has historically left a bad taste in my mouth because of Parsons. 2 years ago, even Charles called them out for not delivering on one of their main promises: **a c...
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