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Daedalus wallet ram usage

I used to have no problem syncing daedalus wallet on my 8gb RAM laptop once a week. Over time it's using more and more RAM. It now uses all my RAM, runs like a slug, takes hours and i can't use any other application while daedalus syncing. Have daedalus system requirements recently changed from 8gb to 16gb RAM? any advice? Guess I'm not using daedalus anymore. Is my selected staking pool and ledger wallet all just as accessible on yoroi wallet?
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The Moonboys Are Coming - CNFT News

There is a new breed of Cardano enthusiast entering our community. It is bittersweet because they don't seem to be here for the same reasons the rest of us are. Please be cautious and please be safe.
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The Suddenly Popular Cardano

Cardano (ADA) projects seem to be garnering hitherto unseen levels of popularity right now. The fledgling Cardano token markets are going crazy & publication...