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Crypto Tribalism and Wrapped Coins

I've been a member of the r/ethereum community since 2017 and I have learned a lot from studying their questions and discussions. But I have to say many of these guys HATE alternative blockchain projects. They overwhelmingly seem to negate alternative communities and opposing ideas. Now, I get it: the crypto space is huge and it's impossible to keep up with every new innovation and nuanced coin that pops up. However, as far as "ETH Killers" there are only a few; Cardano, Tezos, and EOS being some of them. And whenever these projects are mentioned, there is hardly ever any semblance of civil constructive discussion. More than ever before, I now understand why Cardano is venturing out to try to capture NEW markets. Sure Cardano has the ERC20 converter to capture existing projects, but that is just icing on the cake in my eyes. I feel that many members of the ETH community will never convert, even if a project (like Cardano) does make it into the "mainstream" and do exceptionally better in regards to transaction times, transaction fees, and general security/decentralization. I'm not trying to bash ethereum, I love the project and I've used tons of ETH dapps. But I do acknowledge it has problems that need to be solved. One of the problems is this incessant and destructive tribalism embedded in the project. I know Ethereum implemented "wrapped" coins/tokens as a strategy for DeFi apps. Question: Does "wrapping" coins or tokens allow sufficient cross-chain communication that tribalism can fall at the wayside? If not, what exactly does wrapping coins do to contribute to interoperability? Is Cardano tackling this in a way that aims to neutralize tribalism in the cryptospace?
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