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Crowdsourcing cardano defi apps - is there an app idea you want to use but no one is making it yet? Big or small, I wanna hear it!

Hi everyone! I've been a backend developer of 10 years now and I want to take the plunge into Plutus! Based on experience, the best way to learn is to actually start working on a project. Problem is, I'm not sure exactly what to make. All the obvious (big) ideas such as DEXes are already being made (and admittedly are too big for one person to tackle) so I was wondering if there were any app ideas that you Cardanians wanted to use but haven't found a project that does it. ​ It doesn't have to be big, and, admittedly, I'd prefer something simple enough as I want to use it as an a way to learn the ropes of Plutus. I can't promise it'll ever materialize into a useable app but I'll do my best!
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