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Crowdano March Updates

Hi all, Ed from Crowdano here with everything that has happened in March! ## Website The main update is that our new website is online at []( The new site is constantly being updated. - A news page will be added in the coming days - Login and registration are currently disabled whilst we work on their functionality and back-end integration. - We have fixed an issue regarding the navigation bar component not working on mobile devices as well as an odd case where the site would only display a desktop version ## Governance We recently announced that Crowdano would include a governance feature where users can vote on the future of the platform. This is something very important to us as the platform is designed for the community and as such the community should have an input on what features to add and what changes to make. Of course decentralised governance can only take place with a governance token, so, in the coming days I will be minting Crowdano's official governance token. Information on how to obtain these tokens will be made available [here]( and I will also share a blog post once that is live. ## Smart Contracts As was announced in the Cardano360 recently, smart contracts are estimated on the mainnet at the end of June/beginning of July and as such, we are planning to be ready to launch Crowdano at a similar time if at all possible. We are currently running simulations of different voting power methods in order to make sure voting is fair for all backers to a project. The current favourite appears to be quadratic funding but we will keep you updated with results of the simulations in the coming weeks. ## Funding As you all know, Fund3 voting has ended for all Daedalus users and is currently in progress for Yoroi users. We expect to hear about the results of Fund3 on the 4th of April so hopefully we will be hearing good news thanks to all you amazing community members! Thank you all...
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