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Coverage of Cardano Progress

Since the last update two months ago, the Cardano team has been growing and keeping busy. With so many of the team being academics, it is not surprising that various team members have continued to release a string of research papers on a variety of topics. All of this theory is supposed to serve as a blueprint for what the team hopes will be the most advanced and robust blockchain network the world has ever seen.

At the same time, the technical progress marches on, with a major focus on both growing the developer ecosystem and optimizing the performance of the Daedalus wallet in anticipation of the release of version 1.4. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the recent status update.

Reward Sharing Schemes for Staking Pools

One of the major concerns among Proof-of-Stake critics is that it could lead to centralization in the long term. In Cardano’s last update, the team announced they were nearly finished with a research paper aimed at establishing a solid foundation for a sustainable staking structure which could address some of these concerns.

That paper has now been released, and includes projections of the long-term impact of the rewards structure of Ouroboros, Cardano’s consensus method. This long view is important both for the stability of the network and to address criticism.

While Ouroboros defines the consensus protocol, the new paper is meant mainly to address the dynamics of the staking pools, including defense against Sybil attacks, where a malicious actor tries to game the system by creating numerous fake accounts. The question arises, however, that if Ouroboros was already provably secure, how is it that the staking pools represent another potential attack vector that needs to be addressed?

Release of Paper Describing Marlowe Smart Contract Tool

Cardano consistently seems to be focused on taking Ethereum’s recipe for success and improving on it. Part of the success of Solidity, the Ethereum smart contr...

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