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Confusion about staking and wallets..?

Please bear with me as I am confused. I currently have all my ada on a ledger in yoroi. As I remember it, to send said ada all I need is my ledger recovery seed phrase. Which of course I have, but if I want to delegate a stake can I just recover my ledger with that phrase in Daedalus and stake there instead of taking it out of ledger and sending it to daedalus? And this also may be a dumb question but would any of the other coins currently in the ledger be affected by recovering my ledger seed phrase in Daedalus? Sorry but I just can't seem to find the answers to this stuff via google. Recently someone brought up the idea to me of mirroring wallets so that the same coin can be seen in a different wallet software/UI. This idea is a new concept to me for the most part. I remember reading that doing this can cause both wallets to become unsynced. So I guess this question is three-fold: 1) Is mirroring wallets even a thing? 2) Can I recover my ledger wallet in daedalus at all? 3) Will other coins already in my ledger address be affected by doing this?
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