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Confused about staking? Want live help?

I decided to start up a twitch channel to talk about Cardano to try to help people confused about staking pick a good pool they suits their needs, while using the [mapping]( visualization I made. My thinking was I've been told a few times that the tool looks difficult to use, so I'm hoping to do a two for one and help people find a pool that meets their needs and is good for the network, as well as help people get more familiar with the tool itself so they can use it on their own. Maybe as a side benefit we attract a few gamers into the cardano community. To that end I will not be promoting or recommending my pool on these sessions as I'd like viewers to be able to trust the recommendations. To get started i'd appreciate it if anyone whose interested in this service could throw out a time + timezone in the comments (or vote for a UTC time in the poll) they'd like to do this as right now I have a chicken and egg problem in that it's rather pointless if I'm just talking to myself. If there's enough demand I'll run a few sessions at different times. [View Poll](
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