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Edit: This entire post is now completely irrelevant because []( was just updated to a newer, easier to understand site. New website actually has a news section which has totally relevant information i was looking for and is easy to find. Awesome work guys. I was pre-emptive, you guys really are releasing with a bang this month! ​ ​ \------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TL;DR - whoever is managing the communication of the most important change this project has ever had - needs help at getting the clear message out. I'm putting myself in the shoes of someone who 'owns ada and just heard of the shelley hardfork' to share one angle of what the communication experience of this project is like. \*just heard about shelley, wonder what it's all about\* 1- look up cardano on google and end up on []( * hmm, the project, oroboros or daedalus * Cardano roadmap - that's probably more relevant, I'll go there 2- []( \- ok, there's shelley, it's about decentralisation - * that's weird, the page wants to access my vr headset, I'll click no on that. * where's the news of what's going on, i dont want a wall of text, just what i need to do to not lose my ada. * Scroll down page, wow this looks detailed and complicated, but doesnt tell me what to do * Click 'status updates' 1. []( * this is a long blog of what the team is doing, i want to know what I need to do, I'll go back to the homepage - click 'home' - no not this home, closes tab and realised []( is still there 1. Look at top navigation of []( maybe I'll find a link here to what i need to do. * ... * nope, can't find it, back to google \*types in Cardano shelley inst...
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Please beware of this: Cardano Foundation Reveals Likely Crypto Investment Scam Activities (I still think Cardano is a great project built on the right foundations. Unfortunately, people are exploiting the wonders that Cardano has been working and building on)

Cardano Foundation, the organization behind the top cryptographic project, Cardano (ADA), has hinted at the activities of a suspicious firm that is attempting to accrue investments from the unsuspecti...
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Coinbase Preparing IPO

Coinbase Inc has started plans for a stock market listing that could come as early as this year, making it the first major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange to go public, according to three people familiar...