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Cold wallet, Cardano and Yoroi supported?

Which cold wallet would you recommend for storing cardano and staking from it? As I understand you can use cold wallet simultaneously with yoroi wallet (currently using) and that way having another layer of protection? If I am correct *Trezor T* and *Ledger Nano S*, both support that? With Tretzor T model being 3x pricier than Ledger one. This is why am I wondering if Trezor is worth that extra money. Also because of the recent Ledger leak of personal data from users I'm more leaning towards Trezor brand but would still like to hear from you guys what are your experiences and opinions? Sorry if that is a noob question, but am new to cold wallets and don't want to get burned. Thanks! ​ Edint: Is Yoroi wallet safe enough to not even bother with cold wallet?
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