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Clarification on Catalyst Voting

I've been following many aspects of Cardano since 2018, but I'm struggling to keep up with what's going on with Catalyst. First for clarification, Fund 0 was a pilot for IOG crew only, Fund 1 was for a select 50 people thus not a public vote and neither of these were votes using real funds. Is all of this correct? My understanding is that Fund 2 is the first real deal vote, where voting is made public to all ADA holders, and will actually be allocating ADA from the treasury to fund the projects that get voted in. I've also gathered that in order to vote, you have to download a special flight version of Daedalus (or is this just the regular flight version but will have voting registration features included in an upcoming release/update?). You then restore your wallet to get access to a QR code that you scan using the Catalyst Voting app. And your total voting power will be based on how much ADA was in your wallet during the snapshot on Oct 22, 2020. Is all of this correct? And when are we able to vote? There seems to be conflicting information, and the Catalyst Voting App states that there will be more info on Oct 29, 2020 but I can't find any information anywhere. I'm not on Telegram, I didn't register for Ideascale, and I've done a fair bit of google searching, and have watched all the latest updates/AMA's and other YouTuber update videos. But I can't seem to keep up with important dates and general news. Where should I be looking for this info?
Go to self.cardano
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