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Charles Hoskinson: Updates on Cardano (ADA) for Version 1.4, Message to Crypto Enthusiasts

Charles Hoskinson: Updates on Cardano (ADA) for Version 1.4, Message to Crypto Enthusiasts

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano just returned to Colorado after a global quest to communicate the vision of Cardano. In a new 23-minute video, he touches on a number of technical details. The big takeaway: There’s lots of innovation that’s leaving the lab and entering production.

In the video Hoskinson goes a long way to penetrate the minds of people who think that Bitcoin and crypto are fairy dust, rooted in nothing. By delving deep into the tech, he elevates the conversation for blockchain and crypto projects. He puts a face on it that challenges traditionalists who either can’t imagine or don’t want to believe the caliber of intellect, rigor and dedication that’s pouring into the space in order to completely transform the internet, global financial systems and every conceivable business transaction.

Hoskinson met with several luminaries in Canada, Barbados, South Africa and Switzerland regarding the development of the Cardano ecosystem.

He hung out with crypto enthusiasts in Barbados where IOHK launched a crypto course earlier this year. In Canada he attended the Futurist Conference where he served on a panel with Larry King. In South Africa, where he met with the president’s son, Tumelo Ramaphosa, Hoskinson attended the Blockchain Africa Conference which he called an amazing experience and event. He also says he did a lot of IOHK business in Switzerland.

Before diving into the tech, Hoskinson also dished on his gout attack while traveling, explaining how it forced him to hobble around the world. With a sort of ‘the-show-must-go-on’ attitude, he got stuff done.

Post-allopurinol and prednisone, here’s the latest from Cardano.

Version 1.4

It’s a huge update that incorporates changes to several features including data storage, wallet backend and the input selection policy. Because of the many upgr...

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