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Charles Hoskinson lays down the path for Cardano governance

In his latest YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, laid out the long and treacherous road they had to take to create a solid foundation for Cardano’s governance. The two most important aspects of a successful governance system—participation and knowledge—wouldn’t be possible without the Cardano community, Hoskinson said, which is why the company is determined to leave them with a self-sustaining and decentralized platform they will be responsible for.

How conversations about governance spearheaded major development for Cardano

With the Shelley mainnet being out almost three months, most of the conversation regarding Cardano seems to have shifted to Voltaire. The ambitious blockchain’s governance era is set to provide the final pieces required to make Cardano a fully dynamic and decentralized system where the hands of IOHK, the company that made it, won’t be able to steer its course.

And while Voltaire is still in its development phase, it’s often discussed in the present tense rather than the future one. This is a testament to the amount of research and preparation that went into it—something Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, discussed in depth in a YouTube video last week.

The process of converting Cardano from a static and federated system into a dynamic and federated one has been going on for at least five years. However, it was only after Shelley launched earlier in June that its development got turbocharged.

According to Hoskinson, this is a direct consequence of the major success the company had with testing out Shelley. The “training wheels” approach to launching Shelley was praised both by the Cardano community and the people working on the system, as it created an incentivized environment where the developers and the community were able to verify that the system works.

By creating the closed testing ecosystem that was the Incentivized Testnet (ITN), IOHK seems to have rallied up a very special group o...

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