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Charles Hoskinson lays down August plans for Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, discussed in detail what the next month will have in store for Cardano (ADA). With Shelley set to be released on Wednesday, almost all of the teams working on Cardano have already begun shifting their focus on other eras of the blockchain—Goguen and Voltaire.

The rocket’s loaded and waiting for takeoff

The three-step process to update Cardano from a centralized platform to a decentralized and federated system is nearing its end. The hard-fork that will bring about the launch of Shelley, Cardano’s staking era, is scheduled for Wednesday, Jul. 29, and is set to bring some much-needed closure to five years of development.

However, it won’t bring a stop to the huge development machinery that underpins the project.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, said in his recent YouTube video that only the core Shelley team will be taking a short break next month. The rest of the teams working on Cardano will keep going full steam ahead.

When Shelley is released, there will still be a lot of technical debt to reduce and lots of bugs that need to be resolved. August will be a catch-up month to clean up everything from the source code to the documentation around Shelley, Hoskinson said.

In the meantime, a parallel team is set to release its own product—Voltaire. Cardano’s governance era is being heavily worked on by its own dedicated team, which will start the process of getting people to register for voting and enabling the voting process on the blockchain in late August.

Once the voting system is in place and all of the users are successfully onboarded, the first round of funding should begin. According to Hoskinson, around $250,000 in funding will be available either in September or October, while new funds will open up every six to eight weeks. As time goes by, the team working on Voltaire will add more voting methods, come up with new incentives for users to participate in the process, and introd...

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