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Catalyst Proposal for Anti Scam Tooling and Scam Take Downs

I'm currently working with [Professor Nick Nikifarakis]( who is applying his research and existing tools into online scams and cybersecurity into the Cardano ecosystem. His current [Twitter Cardano Phishing Bot]( provides the results of discovered scams and takedowns that have been initiated. As a result, the bot has taken down over 200 scams successfully creating disruption to these scammers and hopefully protecting more people from being scammed. He's has submitted his Catalyst proposal on IdeaScale and would love to get feedback for what we're planning on unleashing on these scammers. This is the plan thus far: \- **Expand sources of suspicious domain names**, past zone files, including the use of Certificate Transparency Logs and YouTube. We'll need to build continuous integration pipelines to fetch daily lists of domain names, build YouTube bots capable of screen scraping and OCR-ing videos (in search of domains embedded in scam videos), and then dispatching armies of crawlers towards the identified destinations. \- **Work on anti-evasion mechanisms before they become an issue**. We anticipate that scammers operating these scams will have every reason to evade our proposed bots (detect that we are visiting them and show us benign content). Our anti-evasion mechanisms will revolve around geographical diversity (so that a single IP address cannot be blocked), diversity of crawling software, and other anti-fingerprinting techniques that we will incorporate into our tools. The PI (Nick Nikiforakis) is an academic with 15 years of cybersecurity experience and has built a large number of bots for discovering online malicious content ranging from phishing pages to technical support scams. \- **Isolate intelligence content.** Other than just reporting the discovered malicious websites, we will work on isolating parts of them, such as, the advertised wallet addresses. ...
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What an Agenda! Cardano Summit 2021

Cardano Summit 2021 will be our biggest ever. A mix of virtual and live events from around the world on September 25-26 2021. The whole world is invited. And it’s free. Simply register below.
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We're Almost There

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