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Catalyst Fund6 voting: 1 week before the voting closes. I voted for more than 28 until now. Still long way to go

Fund6 is exciting because some of the projects I love are part of this iteration. I initially logged in to vote only for these. Then I started reading other proposals and got hooked to some of them. So went ahead and voted for them. This has led me to read more proposals and also the reviewer comments. Yes its tiring but as I said I know people who put efforts and know how much they have struggled to get the proposal out. So it will not be justice to all participants in Fund6 if I abstain from few only to realize they missed out by few votes. I am no whale but I think my small part could help in bigger scale. So just like a traditional 2 pass compiler, I scanned the in first pass some of the projects that were appealing to me and in second pass I am reading and voting 1 week left, please spare sometime and check the projects that interest you and vote. The expert comments can help in narrowing down the proposals you want to study in detail.
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