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[Catalyst Fund2 Proposal]: Lovelace Academy

**Problem statement :** There is a lack of women on blockchain an also a lack of dedicated channels to teach programmers about Marlowe and Plutus let´s empower them **Describe your solution to the problem :** We are a team of 3 members with experience in teaching and training people and together we want teach what is relevant for Fund2 challenge **Relevant experience :** Team of 3 SPO, one educator and 2 programmers with many years of experience in corporation training. One of us with experience on Youtube **Detailed plan (not required) - Fill in here any additional details :** **ROAD MAP:** Using YouTube as a main platform we will delivery: 25 episodes in 6 month. It would be 1 episode per week, one hour each. The content we want to cover will be Marlowe, Plutus e break down when is possible content about Cardano to the average person in the street helping onboard new people to the Cardano blockchain Here is some examples for our episodes: 1. Introducing the Cardano Blockchain Platform 2. Introduction to Smart Contracts in Cardano 3. Set up to build your first Cardano Smart Contract 4. Introduction to Marlowe and the Playground 5. Building and Testing a guessing game in Marlowe 6. Introduction to Plutus Tx and Haskell Foundations 7. Building and Testing a guessing game in Plutus Pt 1 8. Building and Testing a guessing game in Plutus Pt 2 We also can fit in some guests or live sections where our students will be able to ask questions and interact with us. There will be delivered 25 episodes all based on Cardano Information. **TEAM:** **Member 1**: Shweta, myself, first woman stake pool operator on Shelley. Creator of "Ladies of Cardano"- A safe place for women to discuss Cardano where no question is a silly question Supporting existing and aspiring woman stake pool operators with technical and non-technical queries Operator of kBLOCKs stake pool, Technical Lead at Accenture Denmark and SPOCRA candidate **Member ...
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