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Cardano VS *enter competitor here* economic/political philosophies

I'll keep it short and sweet. With Etherium being the main comparator to Cardano, what are the main differing philosophies between the two in regards to their outlook on how economics and politics will be if/when they become a global standard. PoS and PoW are a start and with that, what are their closest political/economic equivalencies? For example, Cardano seems more akin to classic liberalism and a free market where the existing users of the platform control the steering wheel. Essentially, I'm trying to wrap my head around the what-if 'Cardano becomes the global standard, what economic/political equivalent will if replicate, perfect or iterate?' Sorry if I'm unclear but I'm writing my thoughts as they come out so I don't forget, weird I know but oh well. So much for short and sweet ;P
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