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Cardano update: Daedalus, decentralisation and Goguen

The Daedalus Wallet has received important updates, including support for the Byron Wallet. This week the development team presented the local hard fork test cluster, which is important for the introduction of Shelley.

Cardano is one of the big winners of the last 30 days, so the ADA price has increased more than 50% within the last 30 days. The launch of Shelley is imminent and the community is eagerly awaiting the event. Yesterday the IOHK development team informed about the current progress of the project and is satisfied with the direct course to the rollout of Shelley.

Important updates on the way

This week, the new version of the Cardano Wallet Daedalus 1.3.0-ST2 was presented, which brings extended functionality for the use of the improved ranking system. Furthermore, support for the Byron wallet is reintroduced, making it easier to migrate funds from the Byron wallet to the Shelley wallet. All transaction details and staking rewards are now displayed in a detailed and transparent manner.

The development team investigated the problem of block propagation on the Shelley test network. For this purpose, block-related parameters were made configurable and updates to the tip-sample protocol and its application were optimized. Decoder error reporting was significantly improved and extended by protocol name and protocol status.

In addition, the local hard-fork test cluster has been developed, improvements have been made to the SMASH CI-Server and the faucet has been updated to be compatible with version 1.15 of the Node. The Plutus team has added an option contract to the contracts suite and is also working on validating the cost model and improving the structure of the source code to make the Actus integration run smoothly.

The Marlowe team has added numerous features to the Marlowe Editor to improve the user experience and handling. They also worked on Shelley’s consensus layer and performed additional test runs to increase...

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