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Cardano: The Perfect Storm

Cardano: The Perfect Storm

Now Time For Cardano To Storm on Smart Contract With His Friend Alonzo…

There are only two types of coins in the crypto space. Bitcoin and shitcoins and nothing in between. Sometimes the Bitcoin maxes are ignorant of the way they look at the market. However, there solid projects in the crypto space solve real problems and bring disruptive innovation based on blockchain to large markets. And change the way how we as individuals participate in this world.

One of my favourite crypto projects is Cardano, and this will focus on what is happening in Cardano’s ecosystem and how the market receives its efforts. At the end of this article, you can decide if you believe Cardano will be in the top 3. in a few years and stay there long term.

Cardano had a perfect start this year. We saw an all-time high on May 16, and since then, it has fallen back with the rest of the crypto market during the bitcoin manipulation.

As we have experienced, Bitcoin tends to drag the entire crypto market with it. But while bitcoin lost 36% during May, a few coins resisted one of them was Cardano was stable at around $1.45 during those crazy times. Until recently, when we saw the China mining news and the price has fallen to 1.28.

Cardano is another project trying to solve the blockchain Trilemma, which also calling blockchain Tetralemma of scalability speed and security. And the fourth one cost.

When you start getting interested in Cardano, you will see few different names keep coming up. And I think it’s essential to be clear on how Cardano is structured. As it also explains Cardano’s path to be a decentralized community-driven blockchain.

First, we have INPUT OUTPUT IOHK, which is the engineering company that Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson started. They built blockchains and cryptocurrencies for anybody who wants to buy this service. All the researcher's developers and others that work on the Cardano blockch...

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