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Cardano Staking: A Complete Guide

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most prominent blockchains currently available. They allow trustless transactions, decentralized apps like crypto gambling on the best crypto casino, and provide traders with viable investments.

But, both use the proof-of-work protocol, which requires users to mine for coins using energy-wasting rigs that use more electricity than small countries.

The Cardano network attempts to end this waste by introducing a blockchain that uses the proof-of-stake protocol.

Here we will look at Cardano staking, how it works, ADA, and a few of its competitors.

What Is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain network that uses the proof-of-stake consensus protocol to verify and add new blocks to the network. The developers aim to develop it into a decentralized application (dApp) development platform. The co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, created the network when he split from the Ethereum development team.

A global team with expertise ranging from programming to game theory developed Cardano. All their research and technical specifications are available to the public. Essentially, the designers want to create a blockchain project that is open and transparent.

IOHK and other partners are also involved with the development of the network, but ultimately the developers want the community to run the blockchain after it reaches decentralization. The community can run and control the network through Cardano’s advanced governance features.

The developers of the network decided to roll out the platform in phases instead of releasing the entire network at once. Doing this allows the team to release code with fewer bugs, code that is more secure, and more efficient. Currently, Cardano is in the Shelly phase, which we explain in more detail below.

The project entered the Shelly phase, upgrading the Cardano network from a centralized to a decentralized blockchain when a hard fork occurred. She...

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