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Cardano's Defense against spam/DDOS attacks?

Before I get bombarded with downvotes, I own ADA and am careful and critical of my investments with hard earned money so this is a legit question: I asked a friend who's really into Cardano and he pointed me to this video at the 15 min mark for how Cardano plans to address DDOS/spam attacks: I didnt understand the explanation in the video: "You dont push transactions into the system, you politely ask saying i have this transaction that I would like to submit and if its ready for you it just comes back and says ok give it to me and if its not ready it just doesnt" Maybe its because Im not tech savvy enough and Im missing it, but how does this make any sense? Wouldnt they have to censor certain transactions and therefore become quasi permissioned? How would the system not censor real people or projects with lots of transactions and censor only DDOS attacks? Is there a technical way around this that I am not seeing?
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