Cardano Rumor Rundown May 25, 2022

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Hey Everyone! Let's go... Newly covered today: 1. Indigo has dropped an infographic to help describe the three phases of their token distribution. [\_protocol/status/1528849687142350849]( 2. Cornucopias will have their second NFT Tree sale today (May 25). This time, it will be fruit trees. []( 3. Apparently it’s admitted history that the Polkadot consensus protocol was coded up in two weeks. []( 4. Charles is in DC for the Blockchain Summit 2022 to see if he can make any progress with the regulators. He reports that Senators Lummis & Gillibrand will release their comprehensive crypto bill in June. [\_Charles/status/1529128012884676610]( [\_Charles/status/1529128521553018880]( 5. DC points out a great thread on sound protocol design in DeFi. This includes tips on when it’s a ponzi and when you are the exit liquidity. []( []( Previously Covered but still interesting: 1. Our community is so strong, not even Mt. Everest is safe from our reach. []( 2. The robbers in the Robbery Forest have names. The FBI says North Korea’s Lazarus Group & APT38 hacker teams are behind the Axie Infinity theft. []( 3. Very harsh technical and other criticism incoming for Cardano competitor Solana. [\_Bons/status/1514646388688232456]( 4. Looks like info might come this week about the Cardano Summit NFTs? [\_Josh/status/1515462695537246208]( 5. Take note if using an EVM sidechain of Cardano: report of a crazy Metamask vulnerability if you enable iCloud backup of app data on an Apple product. []( 6. The wider crypto space is learning that Cardano added 100k wallets in the last month. []( 7. The AGIX ERC-20 converter is now live! [\_net/status/1516069469591908361]( 8. is building a metaverse virtual world ( where AI characters embodied in humanoid avatars will interact with, teach, and learn from players. This could end up being wildly interesting. []( []( 9. Paribus announces it will build an HQ in Pavia. [\_io/status/1512443022801346583]( 10. Apparently Indigo Step #3 will close out on Apr 19, 2022. [\_protocol/status/1516072942395928579]( 11. MuesliSwap Mainnet v.2 is here! Now with partial order matching! []( 12. Cardano Ledger App…now with smart contract compatibility. [\_Support/status/1518927545751773184]( 13. The dominos are starting to fall. Now the Central African Republic is adopting crypto as legal tender. []( 14. Binance has recovered a tiny portion of the 600 million USD stolen from the Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge. []( 15. Artifct has released info on its Moon metaverse project. []( 16. Great thread on the trilogues for the new EU crypto AML rules. [\_hansen/status/1519609822823403521]( 17. The Cardano Summit NFTs are finally here (as of Apr 25 2022). []( 18. The April Cardano 360 is ready and waiting for you. []( 19. The biggest NFT collection in the world wants to migrate away from ETH after its metaverse land mint cost $177 million in gas fees. []( 20. Shocker! Solana is once again “halted”. []( 21. The latest Pavia developer update is out. The builder tool is in development and set for Q2 release. Lots of features and updates revealed including chat features. []( 22. There is a new CopiCafe episode from Cornucopias available. Three will be five parcel sizes. The smallest will be roughly the size of an NBA basketball court (16m x24m). []( 23. ADA Realm has released a mockup of their avatar and parcel editor. []( 24. JPG Store’s new smart contract is open source. They’re offering a $50k bug bounty. []( 25. The wider crypto space just noticed that Cardano has done over 100k transactions per day for half a month. []( 26. We are very early in Cardano. The CEO & Founder of eToro just talked to Charles in person and then tweeted with excitement about a few things including NFTs “coming” to Cardano. []( 27. Genius Yield has revealed their public sale model. []( 28. Charles offers up digital identity (DID) to Elon Musk as a solution he needs for Twitter. [\_Charles/status/1521152995756363776]( 29. The Clay Nation metaverse (“Clayverse”) map has been revealed. []( 30. EU Commissioner Mairead McGuinness calls for a joint EU-US led international approach to crypto regulation. []( 31. The Liqwid AquaFarmers NFT whitelist is now public and ready for you to check your wallet. Use your stake key (instructions in the thread to find your stake key if you don’t know how). []( 32. MuesliSwap has gone live with wrapped Bitcoin. []( 33. Charles had a great spot on Fox Business. [\_Charles/status/1521739002214199296]( 34. Djed is now live on testnet. []( []( 35. The SEC is nearly doubling the number of attorneys it has on crypto enforcement. []( 36. May 4th was the birthday of Hal Finney who may have been Satoshi.I will try to remember to pour out a little whiskey for him each year until we can bring him back via his cryopreserved remains so that he can reclaim his bitcoin hoard. [\_Finney\_(computer\_scientist)]( [\_rizzo\_/status/1521791809713754113]( 37. The Federal Reserve has elevated the interest rate by 50 basis points. This half percentage point increase is the largest hike in 22 years (since May 2000) []( 38. The Cornucopias land sale will involve a tiered whitelist with tiers for Discord membership and NFT holdings. NFT holders will need to verify their ownership according to the directions provided. []( 39. Pavia will be airdropping PAVs soon and they’ve provided a small FAQ. [\_io/status/1521851228531134467]( []( 40. Gary Vaynerchuk is now telling newbs to buy an NFT on Cardano or Solana because ETH gas fees are too high. []( 41. Coinbase NFT beta is now open. []( 42. Now wrapped ETH is available on muesliswap mainnet. []( 43. A very interesting thread on ETH Beacon Chain centralization. []( 44. There is now a dApp section in Eternl wallet. This is not just a button to connect to dApps. It actually shows you dApps you can use. []( 45. Tony Rose, IOG Head of Product–Digital Identity, recently testified before the California State Legislature in relation to California students using digital identity. []( [\_id=202120220SB1190]( 46. There is obviously still a huge information asymmetry in crypto in relation to Cardano. Even a well known crypto influencer was recently seen aggressively claiming that Cardano had no DEXs when we have: MuesliSwap, SundaeSwap, MinSwap, WingRiders, and others all alive and functioning well. [\_Mars\_Ltd/status/1522400420315815937]( 47. The Cornucopias podcast, CopiCafe Ep. 6 is now out and available. []( 48. COTI and Djed have partnered with GADA Launchpad. []( 49. The winner has authored a thread on how the Artifct Moon Treasure Hunt was solved. []( 50. There is a new Africa update with John O’Connor available. []( 51. As they post under #ponzi, many members of the Solunavax space seem to be collectively accepting that while they thought TerraUSD was pegged, it was in fact them. [\_/status/1523793482850050048]( []( [\_Terra\_White\_paper.pdf]( [\_Charles/status/1523876312498192386]( []( []( 52. MuesliSwap held an AMA on Reddit and the questions and answers have been compiled on Medium. []( 53. Liqwid gives us a little teaser of the AquaFarmer NFTS. []( 54. Yellen is citing the Luna Terra fiasco and calling for stablecoin regulation by the end of the year. []( 55. The Indigo Protocol private testnet is now live. [\_protocol/status/1524108224026324993?s=20&t=mR-Tqs9xvh1aDFysTiMzwg]( 56. Here’s an illustration from Pavia as to the size of the Pavia Plaza. Turns out it’s big. [\_io/status/1524296117768368128/photo/1]( 57. Charles had a few things to say about the events of the last few days. [\_PvkVN74]( 58. Here’s a World Mobile video showing an air node installation. []( 59. Unlike UST, the Ergo stablecoin, SigUSD, has maintained it’s peg nicely since establishment. SigUSD is based on the AgeUSD architecture just like Djed. []( 60. Here is the latest response from Stable Kwon. Doesn’t seem like a terribly promising plan. []( 61. Both Blackrock & Citadel have denied the rumors they were involved in Crashing UST. []( 62. Mainstream media is reporting that Charles doesn’t think we’ll get comprehensive crypto regulation this year since there is not enough time politically before mid-term elections to accomplish the task. This would push it to 2025. []( 63. IOG releases a new paper on P2P. []( [\_Charles/status/1524587529743257601]( 64. Here’s a thread on Djed asking some interesting questions. []( 65. ADA Handle reports it has partnered with Cardano Mixer which is a transaction privacy protocol. []( 66. Meanwhile Cardano developers are just grinding away. Watch the code forges glowing red hot here. []( 67. An important question has surfaced as a result of the revelation that UST may not be the first stablecoin from its creator. []( 68. It looks like Terra may be moving toward a plan where “validators should reset the network ownership.” Is that the type of crypto that most of us signed up for? []( 69. Even Forbes realizes that the EVM may not be the best virtual machine in the industry. []( 70. Copi Cafe Episode 7 is out. []( 71. Here are details on the Liqwid Aquafarmers NFT mint that will be going down at 12:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM EST) on Tuesday, May 17th. The medium article describes a 12 hour window for whitelisted addresses. []( 72. Daedalus 4.10.0 is out. []( 73. Charles with some very incisive commentary on the way Cardano funds development vs. the rest of crypto. [\_Charles/status/1525651090376736768]( 74. The Cornucopias NFT Tree mint is this Friday (May 20) at 2:30pm UTC. []( 75. Sounds like Shahaf Bar-Geffen is going to be on Cardano 360 this week to talk about Djed as an algorithmic stablecoin. []( 76. Solana had another bad day and shock was experienced by no one. [\_van\_ness/status/1526635595958820865]( 77. MuesliSwap lays out their innovative new combination of AMM/LP liquidity and partial orders that is slated for MuesliSwap v2. []( 78. Meld has an ADA-Matic Bridge live on testnet. [\_labs/status/1526655506051473413]( 79. There will be a World Mobile AMA Thursday May 19 at 8pm UTC. []( 80. It has become clear the mainstream media (and even a lot of people within crypto) have zero understanding of proof-of-stake. []( 81. The US Fifth Circuit has released a decision against SEC use of administrative law judges in cases where it sees a right to jury trial for parties. [\_jpc/status/1527003339644362756]( 82. Cardano is going to have a good contingent at Consensys with over 500 people signed up for the Cardano party. []( 83. We now have some info on the Cornucopias virtual lands that will go on sale. []( 84. Here’s a nice 43 second explainer video on World Mobile Air Nodes. []( 85. Weiss crypto drops another very complimentary thread about Cardano. []( 86. The Cornucopias Copi Wiki is now live. []( 87. Indigo has dropped the details on not just one…but two…airdrops. []( 88. Cornucopias released this teaser video with imagery of a Cloud Gate at the end. They also dropped their weekly Copi Cafe podcast. [\_w]( []( 89. Cointelegraph writes an entire article about the need for mass adoption of liquid staking and manages to avoid mentioning that it’s already alive and well for some time in Cardano. []( 90. Apparently, we are only eight epochs away from the Vasil Hardfork Combinator Event. []( 91. Pavia gives us a peek at a mystery building. Is it a garage? A hanger? An incinerator? [\_io/status/1528695835734822914]( 92. The Pavia Builder Tool is coming in June! [\_io/status/1528755541169913858]( 93. Algorand appears to be suffering collective insanity as they consider giving their DeFi projects double votes in governance elections. [\_cryptofay/status/1528729769843597313]( 94. Don’t forget, yesterday was the day that Laszlo traded 10k bitcoins for a couple of pizzas twelve years ago. [\_Charles/status/1528733380124151809]( 95. It looks like South Korea is trying to find deep pockets to compensate Luna holders and may hold the exchanges responsible. []( 96. ECB President Christine Lagarde says crypto assets are “worth nothing” and “based on nothing.” She also revealed her son had bad luck in crypto. I’m sure he appreciates his mom putting him on blast to the entire world like that. []( \~Army of Spies