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Cardano Rumor Rundown JUN 01 2021

Hey Everyone! Let's go... Newly covered today: 1. Check out the telegram AMA tomorrow with the CEO of World Mobile! []( 2. A very interesting stat on Cardano user growth. [\_io/status/1398959088684445699]( 3. Don’t forget, the Marlowe webinar is this Thursday! []( 4. More and more people in the youtube sphere are jumping on the Cardano train. []( Previously Covered but still interesting: 1. The Essential Cardano List is published by IOHK. (credit to [/u/cascading\_disruption]( for pointing this out) []( 2. NFTs are now available. The website says 50% will go to a community voted animal charity. []( 3. For those learning Haskell, Check out this new video on Type Theory. []( 4. Also, Lars puts out a new Plutus Pioneers video on Native tokens. []( 5. ADA is the most crypto of all cryptos. George of CryptosRUs pointed out in a recent video that he couldn’t find any trace of a VC firm owning Cardano in its portfolio in his search of the categories section on CMC. This makes sense if you know Cardano. Would freedom and decentralization loving Satoshi not throw up a little in his mouth to find out that VC ownership of cryptos was a metr...
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Cardano Developed World Use Cases

Much attention has been garnered by Cardano's endeavors in the developing world such as the project with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. But, the use c...
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Key Points from Interview with IOHK CTO

0:00 Cardano Bull Run2:30 - Cardano vs Ethereum4:15 - Energy Consumption5:35 - Smart Contracts on CardanoArticle: