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Cardano Rumor Rundown August 25, 2021

Hey Everyone! Let's go... Newly covered today: 1. ADA is officially on Bitpoint Exchange in Japan! []( 2. Charles gave us a brief update on Aug 24. Sounds like everything is right on schedule for smart contract launch on September 12. [\_Charles/status/1430230604071636994]( 3. Messari is reporting that Cardano moved more transaction volume over the last 24 hours than ETH. The amazing part was how much cheaper those transactions were on Cardano. []( Previously Covered but still interesting: 1. Coindesk really hates us. Now they are writing articles about Cardano and using words like “crypto-colonialism”. []( 2. Liqwid says it is on target to be live on day 1 after the Alonzo hardfork combinator event. []( 3. According to maximalists you’re apparently not allowed to be busy with your company authoring papers if you’re in Cardano. []( 4. The IOHK mid-month development update for July is out and available for viewing. []( 5. Apparently “unsigned Phalices” are a thing in the Cardano ecosystem now. [\_algo/status/1416909454100992000]( 6. The El Faro article reporting meetings between Cardano, Whizgrid of Cyprus, and the brothers of President Bukele of El Salvador ...
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