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Cardano Rumor Rundown APR 9 2021

Hey Everyone! I've been consuming all the Cardano news and media on a daily basis for years now. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a list of what I'm seeing for anyone else who's interested. Feel free to make additions as you see fit. Many of your additions from yesterday are in the “Newly Covered” list for today. Also let me know if you think any of the “Previously Covered but Still Interesting” items are no longer interesting and should leave the list. Check out the youtube companion to today’s post: []( Let's go.... Newly covered today: 1. Coinbase now has a Cardano Explainer. []( 2. “Smart people end up in Cardano one way or another.” []( 3. IOHK drops a good summary of the Alonzo Smart Contract timeline. []( Previously Covered but still interesting: 1. Charles posts a pic of a taxidermy African bird called a Turacos. He follows up that post by saying "Guys sometimes a stuffed Ethiopian exotic bird next to an old identity book is just a stuffed Ethiopian exotic bird next to an old identity book. Stop reading into things". Everyone enjoys speculating what exactly this could mean with the obvious implication being that the African bird announcement involves digital identity in Ethiopia. [\_Charles/status/1369397063583227911]( [\_Charles/status/1369402020067766275]( 2. It's announced that 591 different assets have been minted on Cardano in the last...
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Recap: Plethori x Crypto Revolution AMA 10th April 2021

On the 10th of April 2021, Plethori CEO, Ryan Matovu, joined cryptocurrency community, Crypto Revolution, in their official Telegram channel for Plethori’s second official AMA. Here are some of the…
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More Africa Talk + Cardstarter

A daily rundown of all the news and rumors in the Cardano Ecosystem! Seven day a week!Timestamps:0:00 Intro0:19 Africa Special Announcement Recap5:13 Cardano...