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Cardano Rumor Rundown APR 19 2021: WTF is Mithral???

Hey Everyone! I've been consuming all the Cardano news and media on a daily basis for years now. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a list of what I'm seeing for anyone else who's interested. Feel free to make additions as you see fit. Many of your additions from yesterday are in the “Newly Covered” list for today. Also let me know if you think any of the “Previously Covered but Still Interesting” items are no longer interesting and should leave the list. Check out the youtube companion to today’s post: []( Let's go.... Newly covered today: 1. Cardano Tattoos continue. We even have Ouroboros Omega tattoos now! []( 2. We just experienced a big flash crash in price. A prime suspect is the drop in hash rate in BTC due to the Blackouts in China. Is the crypto space ready to accept that Nakamoto style consensus on PoW leads directly to unacceptable levels of centralization? This has been the dirty secret of PoW crypto and its decentralization loving enthusiasts for years. []( 3. Charles posted a somewhat cryptic tweet that read “Omega + Hydra + Mithral = GG”. The Ourobors Omega, Ouroboros Hydra, & Mithral parts we’ve covered before. Omega is a capstone rollup of Praos (2017), Genesis (2018), + Redux, +Chronos, +Ledger Combiners, +some other things from the rest of the space. Hydra is layer two. Mithral is trustless light wallets via zk-SNARKs. Guesses as to the “GG” ranged from “Good Game” (as in game over for competitors) to “Goguen”. See today’s video at the link above for more discussion on this. [\_Charles/status/1383792375860924424](
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