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Cardano on StackExchange (phase 2)

Cardano successfully went thru "Phase 1" on StackExchange! Now we need to get a certain amount of people to "Commit to use it". C'mon people let's commit! StackExchange is worth it! **About:** StackExchange will allow us to have a specific website to ask and answer questions, like StackOverflow, but specifically for Cardano. People can ask there some technical questions and get very good professional answers. Most popular proposed questions for now are: 1. "What are the minimum technical requirements to run a staking node?" 2. "What's the technical difference between the KEVM and IELE testnets?" 3. "How much Ada is needed for staking in the stake pool testnet?" 4. "How (and to whom) are the transaction fees distributed?" Etc. But they have strict rules on how projects can get their own website like this, so we need to show that people really need it. **Note:** only committed users will be able to use website immediatelly after launch and will be able to see answers and ask more questions!
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