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Cardano Native Assets: More Users vs. More ADA Demand

So earlier today CH went on the Cardano effect and brought up an interesting philosophical quandary: will it bring more value to the Cardano ecosystem if we allowed native assets to function more or less as their own blockchain and pay transaction fees in their native asset, or force transaction fees to be paid in ADA to create demand. On the one hand, attracting more users to the Cardano platform means introducing more people to ADA in the hopes that some of them will begin using services that use ADA. On the other hand, allowing transaction fees to be paid in the native asset means potentially lower demand for ADA as a utility. So the question essentially boils down to whether the conversion rate from exposing people to ADA is >= the value created by requiring ADA to be used for transaction fees. I'm not sure what to think, there's not really much available data in our space to point towards one conclusion or the other. I'm torn. There are benefits to both sides of the issue. What do you guys think?
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