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Cardano Monthly Product Update on Goguen: ERC20 Converter, Marlowe Demo and more!

Here's a few exciting updates 🤩 ​ Watch the Cardano monthly product update show, to learn more to hear dates for the native asset rollout and more: \> []( ​ As per IOHK's Twitter updates, here’s the program and full overview for the Goguen rollout stages, showing every component and workstreams in one place. It’s as complex as it is fully featured. But IOHK are confident in the plan. And over the next 2 quarters, they’ll be rolling this out in 2-week sprints, locking in dates as we advance: []( ​ Last but not least, a NEW BLOG: With more details about the Goguen rollout. Cardano is evolving into a utility platform for partnerships, enterprise & applications. Integration of metadata – information about the transaction being processed – is a key first step. And it's available now: \> [](
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