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Cardano is google. Ethereum is yahoo.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on a comparison of cardano to the tech boom that happened when search engines were coming around. Lots of people complain that cardano is not finished and is a no good project because it can’t do what other chains do right this exact moment. I do not share these beliefs tho and see this as something similar to how yahoo beat google to the search engine game, but then as google designed and learned they were able to create a better product. Let me know if this feels like what cardano is doing? Seems like cardano is taking its time to make the right tech choices to lead to long term prosperity for its chain/design. I am trying to get visibility on this idea in the cryptocurrency subreddit but currently don’t have enough karma to get posts to stay up over there. If you guys could please help me out I’m trying my best to spread this thought because the first to market is not always the best product for us. Thanks to all of you and I hope you have great day learning about crypto currencies!
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