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Cardano Foundation Is Looking For Ways To Help Amidst The Second Wave Of Covid-19

Cardano Foundation is analyzing potential ways in which they could help amidst the powerful second wave of Covid-19 that has hit the world.

Check out the post that they recently shared on their social media account:

With so many countries going through their second wave of Covid-19, we can't help but wonder could #technology have helped reduce the impact? What #blockchainsolutions could have been implemented? Tell us what you think! #blockchain #Cardano #blockchaintechnology — Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) November 6, 2020

A follower said: “Holding medical records on the blockchain, sharing it in a more efficient manner between patient and doctor. Also, deaths and cases count was quite messy at one point, blockchain could also help with that. Grants for small businesses could be distributed on the blockchain to…”

And continued: “avoid fraudulent activities. Happened to me, someone else claimed a grant for my business. More efficient insurance claims. Like medical and travel insurance. Also, the money printing worldwide will have an effect on everyone. Can blockchain help?”

Someone else posted this message: “Voting system 100%. It’s a big deal in Africa, especially in the Ivory Coast. My biggest concern is that most African governors are greedy and do not want to have a fair voting system. I would like to see how Cardano will introduce this technology in those countries.”

One other follower said: “Some sort of workforce management blockchain. The level of paranoia and distrust from managers/execs about ‘is anyone working remotely’ is very high in all industries. As someone in the HR/Talent space, this BIG problem of the future of work!”

IOHK sponsors the Haskell Foundation

In other recent news, IOHK dropped important news on social media:

NEW BLOG: We believe in the power of functional programming, open-source and open governance. So we’re sponsoring the Haskell Foundation, a brand new independent n...
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