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Cardano Foundation Announces Results Of The First Public Fund

The Cardano Foundation had a really important message to share on their social media account about Project Catalyst.

Check out the message that they dropped on their Twitter below.

RESULTS ARE IN!!: Project Catalyst is our experiment in community innovation, created to shape future development. Today we're delighted to announce the results of our first public fund, kickstarting further #Cardano ecosystem growth #ADA @Cardano — Input Output (@InputOutputHK) January 12, 2021

Somoene asked: “What is the “My Rewards” on the home page? I see my voting power and rewards. Is that for a proposal won, or are their rewards for participating?”

IOHK hopped in the comments and responded with: “My rewards” section is where voters of Project Catalyst will be able to track their voting rewards in the future.”

People flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages like there’s no tomorrow.

Fund2 results are in

According to the official notes from the blog post, “Project Catalyst is an ongoing experiment in exploring decentralized innovation and collaboration at its highest level. As the first stage in the Voltaire roadmap, it challenges participants to pool their ingenuity, creativity, and passion for identifying ground-breaking projects that support Cardano’s growth.”

The same notes revealed that “Fund2 was the first time that Project Catalyst participants pitched, debated, refined, and voted on proposals using real ada. This was aimed at enhancing and bringing new value to Cardano. We challenged Fund2 participants to come up with ways to encourage Cardano ecosystem development in the next six months. With an available initial ada fund worth $250,000, we are able to fund 11 proposals.”

The blog post basically announced the funded proposals in Fund2. We suggest that you check out the original post to see the details.

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