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Cardano for Enterprise

I posted this in r/Cryptocurrency but it seems to have been removed as soon as i posted it without an ex plantation. I tried contacting the mod but am yet to hear back. So decided I’ll post it here instead. Edit: Mods got back to me and told me it got caught up in the filter and they have now approved it. ... In this post I’d like to explain why I think Cardano will be the number one choice for Fortune 500 companies and governments looking to develop their own blockchain solution going forward. Firstly a brief history of a Cardano. Cardano originated when founder Charles Hoskinson left Ethereum, for which he was a co-founder, to start his own blockchain. His sees Bitcoin as 1st generation on blockchains, Ethereum as a 2nd generation (or smart contract proof of concept), and Cardano as 3rd generation blockchain that looks at the flaws of its predecessors and fixes them. I could write a whole other article on this but I want avoid getting to into the technology angle in this post. In addition, Cardano has famously taken the slow-but-steady academic research based approach to developing its blockchain, a strategy that has been much derided when compared to other chains that have taken a launch something first then fix it later approach, as is now the case with Eth 2.0 work on Ethereum, due for completion either end of 2022 or in 2023 (best guess). Cardano meanwhile is launching its smart contract test network in the next few months followed by launch on the mainnet by end of July/Aug of this year. So why should companies and governments be paying attention to Cardano? Here are my top 5 reasons: 1. **Security:** Cardano takes research and testing very seriously. Blockchain technology have been plagued with bugs in the past such as the Bitcoin Value Overflow bug, Polkadot Parity bug (locked up $98m in funds) or the numerous [Ethereum bugs]( Now let’s be fair here – Cardano s...
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NerdOut - Deep Dive: The Slot Lottery

In this video, we describe exactly how a Cardano pool gets elected to make a block.Links: