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Cardano: DeFi’s Dark Horse or Dead Duck?


Cardano: DeFi’s Dark Horse or Dead Duck?

Take A Good Look To See What The CARDANO DeFi Roadmap Looks Like and Try To Understand If Charles Is In Charge. Cardano Road Map

it’s striking, it’s possibly the most beautiful road map you’ve ever seen. It’s kind of unique in this. Space pays tribute to the leading lights of literature and computing and represents the monolithic. Almost grinding progress of the Cardano project Goguen. Named after computer scientist Joseph Amade Gogan. It is the third major milestone for the project, and the ADA community is waiting with bated breath for the upcoming “Alonso” Hard Fork, which was coming soon.

The project launched in 2015 when Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, left that project to work on a new concept proof-of-stake blockchain.

Cardano was intended to offer significant improvements on Ethereum instead of architecting the software and features himself. Instead, Hoskinson adopted a peer-reviewed academic approach. And since then, the Cardano research team has published over 100 academic research papers. From distributed systems to programming language and game theory and a bunch more.

Byron was the first era of Cardano which began in September 2017. And allowed users to exchange Cardano’s ADA currency on a federated network by utilising the Ouroboros consensus protocol.

The next upgrade called Shelly took place in mid-2020 and whether the network was upgraded to a state where the community would run most nodes. And not a centralised group. Back in March, the Mary hard fork enables users to issue their tokens on the network alongside the ADA token. And now everyone is mad excited for the imminent arrival of the Gogan era with Alonso, where developers will finally build smart contracts.

On Cardano, on a platform, they’re calling Plutus. Now what’s interesting is that while we’re now comfortable with the idea of Ethereum as a layer one and s...

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