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Cardano Car - "Disrupting the financial system"

​ Recently I discovered this model of cars, or better say - all-terrain amphibious vehicles. (I heard that Kanya West bought 12 similar cars from Sherp brand, btw both brands are produced in Ukraine) But this brand Thor I think fits Cardano not only by the style and name (**Thor** is a **god** of thunder in Germanic Mythology, and several times in his videos Charles Hoskinson mentioned that he worships Odin) but also by its essence - this car will survive even during hard times. And this photo is kind of illustrates how "Cardano will destroy the current bank domination" which is really as outdated as the crashed car on photo. If in 2017 crypto-entrepreneurs spoke about Lambos, now in 2020 it's time for such cars. (they are much cheaper and much more useful if you live outside of the city) P.S. I didn't try driving such cars, but for the future if I have enough money, I would definitely buy one of them.
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