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cardano-addresses - my first guide to help developers to integrate with the cardano blockchain. More to come


The cardano-addresses utility is a command line tool for manipulating - guess what - addresses.

You can find its source code in the following repository:, but most users would simply want the compiled binaries from the release page

IMPORTANT All of the steps described here apply to linux. You will have to adapt the commands to make things work on Windows, but the sequence of steps is the same. Installation

Simply download the latest released file for your operating system for the release page

Unzip the file and you should get a cardano-address binary.

For the sake of simplicity, create a dev/cardano folder under your home directory, then move the binary into it:

mkdir ~/dev mkdir ~/dev/cardano mv ~/Downloads/cardano-address ~/dev/cardano

Make it executable:

cd ~/dev/cardano chmod +x cardano-address

See if it works

./cardano-address --version

This should output something like:

2.0.0 @ 9a64226fd749513ad0ed2e43e663f7132c92faa7

Once you get there, you are ready to move on to learning how to use this tool.

The command line interface

IOG did a pretty good job with their command line tools: every command is organized as "sub-menus" and every time you type in a command you'll get the options available from the path you took.

For example, from cardano-address you'll get the top "menu" options:

./cardano-address >Available commands: version Show the software current version and build revision. recovery-phrase About recovery phrases key About public/private keys address About addresses

Let's try out the recovery-phrase option:

./cardano-address recovery-phrase >Available commands: generate Generate an English recovery phrase

So it looks like we only have the generate option from there, let's see what it does:

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