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Cardano 90 days road map

A Cardano Testnet is a network that functions identically to how Cardano works (or will work), but since it's a completely separate network, nothing that happens on it represents meaningful value. It exists for testing purposes only, so that people can test things out in a real world environment. The Alonzo Blue Testnet is the first Cardano Testnet that includes support for smart contracts. It's still very rough around the edges, so only a small number (less than 50) of highly technical people are participating, but it's still very much a real working Cardano network with smart contracts. The next stage after this is Alonzo White, which will be accessible to a much broader set of technical people, but will still be somewhat restricted (less than 500). Skilled stakepool operators and smart contract developers will take this time to familiarize themselves with the platform before the next stage. After Alonzo White comes Alonzo Purple. This is a fully public Cardano Testnet. Everyone will be welcome to participate and try out smart contracts in a real world environment. Developers will be able to test their code so that they're ready for release when smart contracts become available on the Cardano Mainnet. The final steps before the release on Mainnet are Alonzo Red/Black. These are just small steps to ensure that everything is working as expected. The very last step is the Mainnet release, where an HFC event will transition the Cardano Mainnet from the Mary era to the Alonzo era. Starting on that day, real smart contracts and dApps that interact with real ada and other tokens will become possible. Credit to u/FASTstakepool
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