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Cardananians 🤝 Artists. Let’s chat!

Dear fellow Cardanians, we are Lovada🌼 - a collective of hackers, artists and crypto enthusiasts. We are looking to bridge the gap between the cardano ecosystem and the art markets, by democratising and introducing a fair and equal entry into the world of non-fungible tokens. We support and promote individual and emerging artists and believe that existing markets on Ethereum and other chains are: a) too expensive due to high gas and “processing fees” by the markets/network b) too curated and suffer from inequality as smaller artists get ignored and oppressed c) make more money from secondary sales than primary, thus diminishing individual artists’ rights to proper royalties d) insufficiently monitored and regulated, resulting in a high audience of scammers and spammers who mint tokens using art they simply screenshot from somewhere else and claim as their own Now we know that b and d are basically mutually exclusive in nature and contradictory, but our mission is to strike the balance between verifying true artists to combat spam/scam, while also ensuring our market remains free, equal, and a safe space promoting creative freedom and natural expression. Thus, we come to the community to ask for your help in making our platform the best it can be, we want to open up this channel so we can hear from fellow Cardanians, even those who may not be passionate about art, to hear what you’d like to see in a decentralised art marketplace, and help us solve the problems we see in the current art market. If this excites you, then please fill out our access form which will help us understand a bit about you as a collector or artist, and will allow us to contact you for *early access to our platform on go-live day!* If you’d like regular updates then feel free to follow our twitter or instagram:
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