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Capital is power, Use it wisely

[\_MXoQVdE&list=PLopqxxmm0OhlewxDGPnDDUrk1MkORSP-W&index=13&t=290s]( First off, I apologize if this isn't directly related to Cardano and any of its entities but I wanted to share the philosophy in Chamath's message to the community as I think that the values, philosophy, and moral compass of people who are attracted to Cardano fit well with his message. As a background, I've been involved in the crypto space since late 2016 and my initial intention was to make money but over the course of the last few years, I've been more and more attracted and driven by the philosophy/ideology and the potential of this technology to change the world for the better. I realize that a lot of people have probably been making tons of money on their crypto investments (regardless of which coin youve chosen, there's a decent chance youre up at this point) and so I recently have had the good fortune of having the positive dilemma of what to do with "life-changing" money. I believe Chamath's message to "go and get it (capital) and then use that capital to push your voice and values out into the world" fits well with why I've moved most of my holdings to ADA (I believe it to be the "good vote" in the space.) I dont like making price predictions but I do believe that there is still tons of upside price potential to Cardano and I really just wanted to push this message out to you guys in the eventuality that you also make a lot of money in this market cycle. I believe in the Cardano project and everything it stands for and will be hodling a large chunk to pass on to my kid but I'm also pragmatic enough to understand that people will eventually cash out of their positions in order to provide a better life for themselves in the future. My hope is that when/if you make these life changing gains, you dont waste it on a Lambo and instead try to build more good ...
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