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Cant connect to Deadalus rewards wallet

So, my deadalus wallet went nuts and showed false balances on wallets, someone here told me to follow this steps: []( So I deleted the contents of the state directory and I wanted to recover my wallets from recovery phrases, but after I deleted the contents I could not connect to a node again. Im trying still for few hours, tried deleting a wallet, reinstaling it, but it still cannot connect to a node, so I cant even enter my recovery phrases. EDIT: So, after I spent almost whole day tying to connect node to testnet wallet, i finally managed to connect. Maybe it connected randomly accidentally, but i managed to connect after i opened the mainnet Deadalus wallet and tried to connect both at the same time. Closed mainnet wallet when it fully synced, and saw that testnet wallet has managed to connect - maybe the mainnet Deadalus helped here somehow, dont know, maybe someone else can try.
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