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Can we all stop being hypocrites and bashing the culture of other chains for their tribalism? We need to embrace them as they are!

Yes there is a lot of tribalism and hate towards us within the crypto space, but by hating on them for doing so, we're no better than them yet we act like we are! I don't know about you guys but I don't feel comfortable in this pompous "better than" culture. If our goal is to interoperate with, and work together with the rest of the crypto industry, and the rest of the world, let's stop throwing shade at others and remain humble in our endeavors! Our work will speak for itself. Let's do this right and extend warm welcome to other communities in the face of their toxicity instead of arrogance. We have a lot going for us here and we all know that, but we're no better than a lot of the "tribal" community if we bash them for being tribal. Let's accept them for who they are and where they're at and be the bigger people here! Culture check y'all, let's all try to be a little more mature and move our feet more than our mouths! We all know the industry will respect what we've done here, but they'll have a lot less respect for us if we all adopt the maximalist culture we're trying to dissolve. Let's just let the haters hate, and focus on ourselves! We didn't set out to kill Ethereum, we set out to change the fucking world for the better so let's distance ourselves from that narrative. Much love everyone, big things on the way. Let's keep doing what we do best. Edit: I guess what I'm mainly referring to is a lot of what I've been seeing on twitter. The Reddit crowd seems to be pretty tame but this is the most active congregation of Cardanians so I figured this would be best said here. Stop the twitter wars! Edit #2: Thanks for the Hugz fellow Cardanian, I feel better now :)
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