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Can’t recover yoroi wallet

Had to wipe my phone yesterday. I have all 15 words and they are legit but some kind of way the order is screwed up. I thought I was being safe by having my gf write the words out in my notebook when I made the wallet but she didnt write them in the order they were shown. I know it’s my fault for not double checking before I wiped my phone but here I am nonetheless. I’m open to any suggestions, I’ve spent the whole day mindlessly trying all sorts of combinations and nothing works. Has anyone ever heard of a positive outcome to this situation? The timing on this is down right abysmal. I’m not a whale by any means but what I had in my wallet was a significant amount to me and my situation. I know as long as I have the words I have hope but damn… Update: She told me she wrote it in a completely random order. I’m gutted, couldn’t make this up in my wildest dreams. My fault tho for not checking up behind her I will never forgive myself for that. Thanks to all who were concerned and commented. There were many fresh ideas and even more were beacons of hope. I will keep y’all updated for sure.
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