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Can Cardano help solve our startups privacy concerns?

Hi guys, I am a doctor, not one of the programmers on our team, so my understanding of blockchain and crypto is not great so explain to me like I'm 5. We are in the very early stages of developing a touch based app for digital note **taking** for health care workers in both clinics and hospitals with some big plans for AI based auditing and research at a much later date. For now one of our challenges is that hospitals and clinics are understandably very conservative when it comes to upgrading their software due to concerns around privacy/confidentiality regarding patient information. This also means all medical software tends to run off local intranets meaning you can't access patient records remotely. The initial challenge for us is that we want notes taken on an iPad to be passed to the hospital's own computers to be entered into their existing note **keeping** software (using our proprietary solution) - but in the process of transmission between the two, the data needs to be fully encrypted and anonymised. A secure record of who accessed this information should also be kept. If we went with the intranet based solutions currently being used it will prevent us scaling to our future goals that will involve multi-site data aggregation and remote access for clinicians, so even though our MVP is a fairly simple touch based note taking app, we want to use a framework that will allow for these future goals. I do own some Cardano although I have to admit I am not super knowledgable about the tech, I primarily have been impressed by 1) blockchain in general and 2) the Cardano dev team who operate on a level of rigour much closer to what we are used to in the medical world than most rivals as far as I can tell. Is Cardano something that might be applicable to us?
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