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Buying ADA

Hey Guys! Long time HODL'er and lurker here - Curious if there are any new(er)/better ways I've missed to buy/exchange for ADA? I bought ADA back in 2017 on Bittrex, currently staking using the new(ish) Daedalus ITN, and looking to buy more and increase my stake... Just curious if there are better ways (as a Canadian) to do so. Current method: Coinbase - purchase bitcoin > move to Bittrex > exchange for ADA > move to Daedalus. Better, more efficient suggestions with less fees, etc...? Thanks!
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Cardano Stakepool cost/fees Demystified

You’ve finally decided to delegate your ADA (what took you so long, anyway?) You fire up Daedalus in the search for the perfect pool and you notice that all pools have some sort of costs associated…
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new ledger bug

Vulnerability disclosure for Ledger hardware wallets that allows signing of Bitcoin transactions under Bitcoin fork apps.
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Did you delegate your ADA?

I know, I know, you have a busy life. You’ve been running all day, doing this and that, it’s hard to keep track of current events because there’s just too many of them. Joking aside, the launch of…
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PSA: Ledger Vulnerability & Bitcoin Forks

According to a public disclosure report published today by Monokh, an attacker can exploit the vulnerability to transfer BTC from a Ledger wallet. At the same